The Changing Forms Of Media

In mass communication, media are basically the communication tools or resources used to transmit and store data or information. The word refers to different units of the mass communication media business, including print media, publishing, broadcast, photography, video, Internet, television, music, and radio. This mass media also includes various other specialized forms of the media such as advertising, fashion, publishing, and creative industries. When referring to the term “media,” the commonly used term “communication media” is preferred in most cases.

Media is a broad term, but it usually refers to any communication medium that allows communication between two or more individuals. These communication channels are usually categorized according to their characteristics such as the content, distribution, reception, accessibility, and social impact. There are basically four types of media: printed media, broadcast media, electronic media and information technology media. Print media refer to mainly newspapers, periodicals, magazines, books, and other printed materials. Broadcast media refer to radio, television, and other audio-visual channels.

Media has an important role in human communication. They allow people to express themselves and form communities, shape information, store and transmit information, and interact with one another. Media, therefore, can be considered as a key component in the process of human interaction.

Communication media are diverse and the type of media chosen depends on the purpose of communication and the audience for whom it will be utilized. In mass communications, mass media are mostly the means of communication used by broad sections of the population to communicate. These communications include television, radio, printed media, the web, and other interactive media. Most of these mass media to communicate information to the audience through different ways, including: visual images, sounds, written text, images and so on. This is the reason why almost all of us cannot escape the fast paced life that has become a normal feature of modern living. Thus, mass media form an important channel of communication for the masses.

However, not all communication media are created equal. While mass media provide a means of communication for the masses, it also leaves some room for variety when it comes to communicating ideas, ideals, news, and views. Electronic media and social media are both new forms of mass communication media. Both of these media allow us to express ourselves in different ways and to create a sense of community around certain issues or common interests. But unlike mass media, which usually rely on the power of advertising to publicize and promote products, electronic media and social media rely on the power of networking to get their messages out.

The popularity of these two types of media is growing at a rapid pace. Digital media is likely to continue to expand its reach as it becomes more convenient to produce content and to deliver messages to people using digital technology. As people find it easier to communicate, digital media is likely to expand its reach as well. This means that one medium of communications will not only replace the need for mass media but will also enable a greater sense of control over what gets published and spoken about in society.

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